[2/52] Red

It’s the second week lads and this picture was under the topic “red”. Easy and simple. A few days ago I saw these bushes and knew that I’d take them for my photo. Too bad they were at a parking area of some bank which means people might send me away or overrun me in their cars. Since I don’t care about people sending me away (oooooh badass ahead) and wanted them so badly I simply came by on Sunday in the hope that bankers don’t work on Sundays. (It’s true there was only on car on the whole area just so you know ).

Too bad a bus stopped by next to that area and a bunch of Polish or Russian (the bus company was Polish but couldn’t tell from the language) droped by. Yeah… my remote isn’t working at the moment and it took me ages to get the focus more or less right… in short: those passengers had some entertainment while waiting for the bus driver to continue the trip. One of them even offered me his help. :’D

Hope you guys like my new project and today’s lesson: Get your remote fixed.

Take care



A few days ago I had my first shooting with Niklas from www.nebenzimmer.de in Hannover. It was a shooting by night and we had a really good time!  About two year ago I was at that spot as a photographer: here. It felt nostalgic to be back there as a model and looking with the photographer for interessting spots.

Plase have a look at Niklas website for mor pictures! He also has alot von cosplay pictures with amazing cosplayers!




During my stay in Frankfurt I had the chance to work with Hongjie from JansPhotography. It was a really spontaneous shooting and we met at the Palmgarten in Frankfurt. For me it was the very first time to work with an Asian photographer. :D Sounds odd but I was kind of excited. ^.^ Since I had to reduced my luggage to Frankfurt I only picked one dress for the shooting. In my eyes it was a good opportunity to wear my new maxi dress (which was beautiful but not handy at all). Was good enough for posing but tricky to walk in. >.< Anyway, we had a really good time and a lot of fun! Please check his website to see more of his work!




Hanny Honeymoon

So here are the promised pictures from my shooting with Hanny Honeymoon! She’s is an amazing artist and it was so much fun to shoot with her. She also did my entire make up which is great since I am a total loser when it comes to make-up. :D I can’t wait to shoot with her again! :)

Please visit her to see more of her great work!

Blog: hanny-honeymoon.blogspot.de/
Portfolio: hanny-honeymoon.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HannyHoneymoonPhotography

Next post will be about my first shooting in Frankfurt!