When I was bored the other day I decided to watch a movie which caught my interest a long time ago: Franklyn! I saw the trailer years and years ago and it sounded quite good but I just forgot to keep my eyes open for it. Now (3 years later) I can proudly claim: GO AND WATCH IT!

But first, let me show you the trailer with the sexy british accent of Sam Riley:

The story is a tiny bit complex.
On one hand we have Jonathan Preest, a man behind a mask who is longing for revenge and searching for his enemy “The Individual”. His world is “Meanwhile City” a place where one can only live if one has a faith. Caused by his refusal to believe in anything but himself, he gets into the crosshair of the ministery.
On the other hand we have the present London as the scene where several people are handling their personal issues. First there is Peter Esser, a loving father who is searching for his missed son. Then there is Milo, a handsome guy with a nice accent who tries to forget about his ex-fiancée who left him. Last but not least there is Emilia, an art student who is working on a film project, which captures her suicide attempts. All three are wandering through the streets of London without knowing each other until they get together at the very end.

I was really amazed by the unconventional storyline of the movie. You always see a scene with Jonathan Preest in Meanwhile City, then a scene in London. (Which is pretty funny because of the name MEANWHILE) Step by step one sees the connection between all the people and between Meanwhile and our London. It’s simply stunning how clever the movie leads us to its finale and leaves the audience speechless. Beside the story, I really enjoyed the beautiful metaphors and symbolism in the fictional place “Meanwhile City”. It’s brilliant. Visualized as a dark and futuristic steam-punk (?) metropolis Meanwhile City gives the movie a nice comic touch.

Of course you can’t forget the beautiful Miss Eva Green, who appears in two different characters and each is more adorable than the other one. ♥

For everyone who likes comic movies, psychological movies and/or british accents. :D Go and watch it!