Born under the pain of boredom I decided to create this digital dairy to keep me busy. Later I noticed that friends and other people are enjoying my posts and so here we are: My ordinary blog. After an long absence I’m back with new stories of my new chapter in life.

Basically there is not much to say. I’m as ordinary as anybody else in short: not famous, not rich (no fabulous give-aways for you), not smart.

Well, but if you are interested in pseudo-stuff such as:

  • Pseudo-art
  • Pseudo-british blathering
  • Pseudo-cooking
  • Pseudo-philosophical stuff
  • Pseudo-model acting

you’ll probably be fine. (No guarantee though)

Feel free to have a look and I’d be glad if we could see us soon again.

June K.

[17/52] Trees


I transformed myself (hopefully) in a hybrid between tree and human for the 17th weeks theme. For me a tree has this very patient nature and I think I need some patient right now. A tree is standing and growing on that one spot for its lifetime and has no chance of moving away or closer to something.

Some years ago a poetry slammer said “We are trees growing on our spot trying to reach each other with our branches but we don’t touch. Just almost.”

That line always had some unbelievable sad tone in it. Now a few years later I think that some habits of a tree would do me good. I need some acceptance for things I am unable or not in the position to change. Maybe it’s good to believe in faith now and then.

[16/52] Emotions


I admit that this picture doesn’t show the theme “emotions” so obvious as it could. To be honest I refused to take a cheesy picture with an extreme case of one specific emotion cause I already did that several times.

My task was it to show how emotions in general are ruling me. Yes I am ruled by my emotions. They are stronger than me and have power over me. At the moment I am kind of struggling with finding a way to get along with my emotions and myself as well. Fighting my own emotions are in my opinion a wrong way to handle it. At least it doesn’t work for me. Instead I am trying to understand it and work with it. Saying that I might be able to rule over them instead of being ruled sounds really naive to me.

This is my current state: I am not fearing my emotions. I am trying to get to know them.

[14/52] Ghost


So sorry for being lazy on this blog but I just can’t motivate me to post here. Dunno… Just so you know: I also have a tumblr with my artsy stuff and I update it a tiny bit more often than this blog here. Of course it doesn’t have as much text as here but yeah it’s more than nothing.

So about this picture here. I took it a while ago about a bit more than 3 weeks? It was taken while my sister visited me in Berlin and I missed it so so much to take photos with here. It’s just an entirely different atmosphere when we work together. Although the edit was a pain in the ass and the weather kind of shit I kind of like this picture. Please enjoy this in large!

The actual theme for the 14th week was “hippie” but I just couldn’t stand it so I made my own theme named “ghost”. Yeah I can do that cause nobody stopped me. [badassmode]

Ok let’s see if I’ll be able to get some post on this blog!

Take care


[13/52] Night


A late picture for last weeks theme! I am in my hometown at the moment and things are kind of messy and I didn’t find the moment to take the picture. I’m not feeling very well in the last days and fight with the urge to skip everything and hide in a dark corner instead. Things are kind of shit here. Truly can’t wait to go back home to Berlin cause I am certain now that Hannover is absolutely not the place where I want to be. It feels wrong, it makes me depressed. The longer I stay the more I see that moving away was the best decision ever made. I hate it here.